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More than a methodology, a living experience in English.
High Five Bilingual Education is one of the brands of the global leader in bilingual education, Grupo SEB, which has been operating for over 60 years, present in more than 30 countries, and actively involved in the lives of 350 thousand students.
Global leader in bilingual education!
More than an English experience!
Learning solutions have been developed focusing on the five protagonists of the bilingual journey who perform complementary activities.
Learning in a playful and engaging way, with immersion in the language and practical international interactions. Students also have access to digital resources connected to the 21st-century student profile and preparation for international certifications.
Parents have an exclusive profile on the platform to track their children's progress, including tools that provide evidence of learning for more effective communication between families and the school.
Educators have access to digital and physical pedagogical resources, dynamic classes with playful proposals, evidence of learning, assessments, and ready-to-use worksheets to facilitate their routine, as well as a comprehensive guide for international certifications preparation.
Pedagogical coordinators and school administrators
With High Five, managers ensure the retention of students, families, and teachers, competitive differentiation, in-person pedagogical advisory, projects aligned with BNCC, as well as commercial and marketing consultancy for student acquisition and retention.
An innovative journey designed for your school!
At each stage, all our protagonists have access to various benefits and resources that add value to your institution.
Learning through global topics with real-world photos, content, music, and videos.
The process of meaning-making happens through interaction in personal, social, and academic contexts. Thus, gradually expanding understanding of how the world and language work, developing assertive communication.
Learning process that supports teenage students to better understand themselves, each other, and the world they live in.
More playful and enjoyable learning!
Educators have access to various physical and digital resources to assess, engage students, and take them to explore the world!
Physical resources
Digital resources
What do they say about High Five?
  • Débora
    Pedagogical Coordinator at Prelúdio School
    "We have seen the difference in each of our students with this way of learning more creatively, dynamically, and playfully. They learn while playing and with joy. It has been fantastic."
  • Weltron Oliveira
    Parent of a student at Maria School
    "English is not just an advantage for my son's future; it's already an advantage today in participating in conversations, interactive games, in society, and even in the job market. Being bilingual makes all the difference."
  • Fernanda Nyari
    Co-founder of Kinder Kampus School
    "Our institution has 23 years of history, always being a bilingual school that works with immersion in English. That's why we always seek the best on the market to offer to our students, staff, and parents. We found everything we need in High Five."
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